7 important things you should know about the New Trends in NFT.

Craze behind NFT continues to flourish persistently. It just started in the previous year and NFTs started to conquer the world by becoming the talked topic of the town. Based on the Chain Analysis report, NFT witnessed profits that crossed over $27B at the end of 2021. 

Now, NFTs upgraded to its next better version and it is quietly referred to as “Version 2.0”. Next phase of the NFT begins by creating a hype among the business freaks and industrialists.  As NFTs have become a favorite exchange asset in the modern day, consider a business in the upgraded version 2.0 can meet the demands in the future. 

What Is NFT 2.0?

NFT 2.0 is the big evolution & in nutshell it is the next version of NFT 1.0. It is introduced with a motto of taking NFTs to the next level by introducing rare features to the NFT assets. By NFT 2.0, more utilities to NFTs can be added by creating digital NFT assets. NFT 2.0 welcomes users to enjoy smart and realistic NFTs in our market. 

NFT 1.0 Vs NFT 2.0 

S.NoNFT 1.0NFT 2.0 
1No provision to interlink with multiple NFTsAllow interlinking of multiple NFTs
2NFTs cannot be upgraded to next as it cannot be modified at any costModification of NFTs is possible by adding Metadata
3NFTs cannot be connected with each other for following commands like modificationIt allows NFTs to offer commands to each other for later executing changes on its functionalities
4No co-ownership provision of NFTAllows multiple ownership for a single asset
5NFTs cannot be rentedNFTs can be rented for improving liquidity
6It could not be customized for a better outlookIt can be customized easily for enhancing it’s output
7Less dynamic with less featuresMore dynamic with more features
8Possibility to have risk in futureNo risk as it is difficult to hack
9Creating high quality projects is less when compared to version 2.0Creates high quality NFT projects
10No passive income can be earned as NFTs cannot be rentedPassive income can be earned by NFT rentals

7 things you should know about the New NFT Trend

Customized NFTs
NFTs in 2.0 is designed in a way that it can be linked to multiple designs. In real time if a user accesses a book then the NFT 2.0 shows the relent design of the book accordingly.  

Smart NFTs
Smart contracts can be linked quickly with NFT 2.0. To be precise, if ownership of the NFT is changed then the NFT 2.0 has the capability to change the ownership of the NFT in blockchain with the support of smart contracts. 

Co-owned NFTs
Now it is possible to claim for a double ownership for the single asset. Multiple ownership can result in building trust among the users on an asset. 

Nested NFTs
NFT 2.0 allows infinite nesting of an asset, which means one NFT can own another NFT. It allows one NFT to own another NFT and it can have sub-ordinate NFT and so on. It will be more useful in gaming, art and metaverse. 

NFT Rental Model
NFTs can be rented for earning passive revenue. It constantly improves liquidity and it makes NFTs much smarter, adoptable and reliable for the users. 

Multi-resource NFTs
NFT 2.0  has a potential to link with multiple resources like image, video, audio, art and so on. 

Reactive NFTs
Based on a certain set of conditions the NFT reacts accordingly. Thus it serves for different purpose.

NFT 2.0 is associated with NFT DAO. Since NFTs are costly DAO functionality is interlinked to reduce cost. 

Characteristics Of NFT 2.0 

NFT 2.0 offers great opportunities to grow in the future as NFTs will be more relatable and accessible for people. AI will do this by offering a personal suggestion for a user.

With NFT 1.0 a one-to-one exchange is done but customizing an asset does’nt happen. NFT 2.0 allows quick customization of an asset for developing a new personalized asset. 

It makes NFTs more interactive and smart as it can take input from the people. Based on the set of commands and input feed the NFT upgrades itself from one version to the other. 

Delivers enriched user experience for the users as NFTs offers advanced utilities to the NFT holder.

NFT 2.0 will be a big thing in the year 2022. The technological advancements and headlines shows it has become a trend among the NFT circle. Even today NFTs have become a part and parcel for everyone and its growth is evitable in the upcoming days. 

To enhance its growth more and more, the new features are introduced in version 2.0 like NFT interlinking, upgrading, and dynamism. It makes NFTs better from the previous version and now it’s trending among the NFT enthusiasts. 

Power Of NFT 2.0 In Influencing A Business

NFT evolves! Why not you?
Surge and popularity of NFT 2.0 results in generating passive income for the NFT owners. Many business freaks has taken a step by making a footprint in developing multipurpose NFTs. Any creative asset can be created that serves distinct usage. It is time for you to flourish with NFT version evolution by upgrading your business to the next level. 

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Cryptocurrency Business

A Guide To Crypto Business & Revenue Model in 2022.

Obviously we can notice that the crypto industry is one of the biggest industries in modern times. People started accepting crypto as a major business and cryptocurrencies have become a part and parcel in everyone’s day-to-day life. Report stats says, on a global level the crypto’s growth is evitable as it has become a major adoption among large crowds. Now let’s explore how crypto exchange influences the life of entrepreneurs and enterprises.

Business Benefits Of Starting Crypto Trading Platform

Tech has completely transformed the crypto industry and there are certain reasons behind taking crypto exchanges seriously as a mainstream business in 2022. Let’s see some of those.

  1. Greater chances of your crypto trading platform to grow in the future.
  2. Only a less setup cost is required to start your own exchange.
  3. Flexibility to operate it in any remote parts of the world. 
  4. Future-proofed business model.
  5. Offers huge opportunities for others to earn through your crypto exchange platform.
  6. You can claim ownership of your crypto trading platform.
  7. Functions endlessing for 24/7.
  8. Huge opportunity arises for becoming popular by launching your crypto exchange.

Business Plan

“A Goal Without A Plan Is A Wish”

As you know, Greater things take time, so proper planning makes your wishes come true. 

There are certain plans that you should stick on to for the ones who wish to start a crypto exchange platform.

  1. Initially you can do market research about cryptocurrency, and find out the scope of taking it as your mainstream business. 
  2. Fix the business model from the crypto industry that you wish to make it live.
  3. Next, an essential thing that an individual should focus on, is to analyse the current crypto market and your competitors.
  4. Competitor research is very essential, as it keeps you alive in this competitive world.
  5. Pre-plan your budget in advance so it keeps you away from later regrets.
  6. Never miss to focus on the operational limits of your exchange. To be more precise you can plan the boundaries of your crypto exchange in terms of multilingual support and it’s regional functioning locations.
  7. It is important to study about crypto exchange laws of the countries that you decide to target. 
  8. After focusing on the above steps, pay attention to choose a proper crypto exchange development company for building your exchange. 
  9. Pick the right crypto exchange development company, for programming your exchange in a secured way.
  10. Choose the one who takes elimination of glitches & bugs as the number 1 priority.
  11. Pay attention in giving a detailed explanation of your requirement to the developers who build it.
  12. Keep in mind that the requirements are the most important thing, so never miss out the essential ones to convey it to the developers.
  13. Once the requirement gathering process get’s completed, the coding process takes place. Several high-end programming languages are taken into consideration for creating a secure crypto trading platform. 
  14. Extraordinary front-end and back-end is ready to be deployed once after testing get’s completed.
  15. Multi-levels of testing phases are undergone to deliver an outstanding outcome.
  16. Next, your crypto exchange is put to live after it passes as stages.
  17. Once after it’s launched, never miss out “Marketing”.
  18. Promote your crypto exchange by hiring a marketer from the Digital marketing company.
  19. It is the only chance to create a pathway to gain lots and lot’s of audience.
  20. Finally it’s the chance of building a huge community through your crypto exchange platform. 
Crypto business
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Revenue Models To Generate 10X ROI With Your Exchange Business

Revenue model in cryptocurrency, is an important aspect to be concentrated on if you are focusing on starting your business in the crypto field. Before getting started, understand that there are multiple choices available in making revenue in cryptocurrency. Before making an investment take a note of some of the hot revenue models in cryptocurrency.

Token Creation
Tokenization is one of the promising revenue models for investment. A trader is the one who makes a maximum use of the tokens by exchanging it by buy and sell options. Trading a major part of the assets happens frequently in the crypto exchange platform. In addition to it, the value of your token increases if it is held. 

Wallet development
Wallet development is one of the intellectual ways to make revenue through this stream. Crypto exchanges are massive as it is meant to have endless trading by day and night, more crypto coins are traded in it. So a trader needs a wallet to store their valuable cryptocurrencies. 

Here a demand rises for it, so you can take wallet development into consideration.
Bidding is common in trading platforms. The cost of the asset can be placed and fixed in advance. Once a token is placed for bidding, anyone can ask for it by paying a sum of price for that asset. 

It is one of the oldest ways to earn money in crypto exchanges. Mining lets the miners earn rewards for validating transactions. A complement is offered to them in the name of block rewards to the miners. 

Staking is similar to mining, where the transactions are validated on top of the POS blockchain. On top of these blockchains any individual can earn rewards explicitly called the staking rewards. Only a minimum balance is required for the trader to validate transactions for earning staking rewards. 

Initial coin offering is one of the popular means of raising funds for your crypto exchange platform. Drastically you can grow funds in your exchange, by raising funds for the products and services you offer to your platform. 

Introducing liquidity to crypto exchange is a great idea and one of the huge sources of income in modern times. Liquidity is one the important aspects in the crypto trading platform, that let’s a asset be converted into cash without difficulty. 

Keep liquidity in your mind, if you are looking for a great revenue stream. 

Lending & Borrowing
Crypto lending and borrowing allows the investors to borrow loans in cash. A trader lends cryptocurrencies to earn interest for a certain period of time. In short the earned portion of interest is called the crypto dividends.

How Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company Could Help You?

Crypto exchange development companies are the ones who make your dream come true. Any individual business players can make use of the crypto exchange development company to the maximum extent to build your own business. High secured and massive crypto exchanges like Binance can be developed quickly within a short duration of time. 

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and its impacts on our everyday life.

Artificial intelligence has seamlessly blended with our everyday lives while our perspective of artificial intelligence remains constrained to only robots and big machinery.

Let us have a walkthrough of a typical lifestyle of a normal individual as:

  • You wake up in the morning and start your day by unlocking your smartphone with either facial recognition or a fingerprint scanner.
  • Then, overlook the personalized and location-based weather updates for the day.
  • Scroll a little through the social media apps which again provide a personalized experience with personalized ads and feed set according to your likes and dislikes.
  • After a while, go through emails that have gone through filters such as spam, priority, or urgent.
  • You book a cab on an app or drive to work with maps that help you navigate through the traffic with the fastest route possible with real-time updates.
  • Send a couple of messages or emails that have been auto-corrected
  • and prepare a list of things to watch or enjoy for the approaching weekend by searching about them. Recommendations and search algorithms also adjust and suggest according to your tastes.
  • You even make digital payments for the checkout and seamless transaction.

These everyday life actions are taken that seem so simple and a routine is nothing but Artificial intelligence working at your fingertips providing you with the best possible online experience.

Artificial intelligence works seamlessly in the background making all the transactions and online experiences of today possible. So, how does it even work?

Making Artificial Intelligence possible

Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence by machines. Machines can think and learn like humans and display cognitive intelligence. It helps in problem-solving and decision-making processes that require complex and huge data set analyses and study.

It is a canopy of multiple technological advancements working together seamlessly to bring out artificial intelligence. It is the working of constellations of various aspects to enable the machines to think, sense, comprehend, learn and act like humans.

The most critical components of artificial intelligence include the following that makes everything possible:

  • Machine Learning [ML]: Machine Learning refers to the computer algorithms and programs that improve and learn from past experiences, data points history, big data analyses, and without having to explicitly program the computer on how to perform the given task. Machine learning works on models and algorithms that are constantly improving from the experiences and results. One of the prominent applications includes internet search engine results which learn from past searches and deliver personalized results every time. It is dependant upon the analytical model building.
  • Natural Language Processor [NLP]: the language that we speak and type is known as a high-level language that cannot be comprehended by the computer program hence, natural language processors act as an interface between the user and the computer. It helps comprehend the language used and convert it into low-level language and helps in delivering accurate results. Email filters, search engines, chatbots, and voice assistants are some of the most basic examples where NLP is used excessively.
  • Deep learning: One of the most extensive parts of artificial intelligence where the brain-like logical structures of algorithms are formed called artificial neural networks. Traditional machine learning systems are linear whereas the deep learning methods create a canopy of networks and connections between various characteristics and deliver an intricate and comprehensive report. Deep learning clusters data sets to make incredibly accurate predictions.

Understanding to above components of artificial intelligence helps us understand its applications and everyday functioning. Some of the applications that have found a valuable marketplace of their own include the following:

Digital Voice Assistants:

32% of executives say that voice recognition is the most widely accepted AI technology in their business today. This number reveals that voice recognition is finally getting its much due recognition.

To put it quite plainly, digital voice assistants are computer software and program that gets activated when they hear a voice command. Some of the popular voice assistants are Google Assistant, Alexa, and iPhone’s Siri.

They work on the voice commands and here the natural language processing comes in handy. It helps decrypt the voice command and understand what is being said to deliver accurate and personalized results.

These also involve machine learning algorithms as constantly improve themselves upon every use. It is an advanced computer program that simulates a conversation.

Digital voice assistants are complex and often solve multi-tasking problems that require data from multiple sources to deliver accurate and precise results. In 2019, nearly 40% of the U.S. population used voice search.

Hence, one of the best ways to create your digital voice recognition systems is to have one built personalized according to the needs and wants of your organization. One of the easiest and hassle-free builders is Queppelin.

Providing extraordinary services backed with on-time delivery, pocket-friendly projects, and technology that has no match for. With online support guiding your every step and helping your organization to reach the next level. A personalized digital voice assistant helps in improving employee productivity and seamless communication systems. As Gartner predicts that by 2023, 25% of employees’ interaction with applications will be voice-based. Digital assistant usage worldwide is expected to double to 8.4 billion by 2024.

Artificial Intelligence


Have you ever wondered if you could have an employee deployed at your front desk or customer service portals all the time 24×7 and never get tired of, well this is possible with the integration of chatbots into your websites and applications that the consumers use? 80% of marketers in 2020 already had chatbots as part of their customer experience strategy.

Chatbots are organization-specific software designed to handle queries of the consumers or even employees within the organization to deliver on-spot answers, information that is updated in real-time, and tailored answers. The major benefits of chatbots are 24-hour service (64%), instant responses to inquires (55%), and answers to simple questions (55%).

They make use of artificial intelligence, and natural language processors to comprehend the given query and deploy machine learning to constantly improve the quality of answers provided. According to Comm100, chatbots can handle 68.9% of chats from start to finish. Hence, they can provide quality and instant answers to the consumer’s queries.

Chatbots are predicted to save businesses $8 billion by 2022 and 2.5 billion hours by 2023.

With time and money in your pocket, you can take your organization to newer heights. So, do you want to get the chatbot technology right? Integrate it seamlessly into your current systems without any hassle? We are here to help.

Strategizing plan that is tailored around the needs and requirements of the project. Taking a personal interest in the development of the framework and implementation of the plan equipping with the right technology that fits the bandwidth of the given audience and demographic is something that makes us unique and helps us deliver more than technology, we deliver quality.

Music Genre Classification:

Music contains various tones, undertones, beats, and frequencies that make the classification of the same difficult if not impossible. To classify the music, computer algorithms use deep learning and analytics to understand the pattern playing over the spectrometer. Such technology is used extensively by Apple Music, Spotify, or SoundCloud to classify the songs and create playlists for the listeners.             

How personalized can the songs be created into the playlists or how accurately the songs are categorized directly results in the success of such platforms. And this technology can be easily created with the right technology from Earnlytical. Instead of starting from scratch and developing models that require special teams, we at Earnlytical deliver products that are already built to suit your needs. You can instantaneously sky-rocket your success without spending a fortune on the development of the product.

On-time delivery with the best in quality and personalized products that are ready for use and boost.

The above were some of the prime examples where Artificial Intelligence has been implemented and has garnered success. Other sectors of the industry where artificial intelligence have been used and run are as follows:

  • Manufacturing robots.
  • Self-driving cars.
  • Smart assistants.
  • Proactive healthcare management.
  • Disease mapping.
  • Automated financial investing.
  • Virtual travel booking agent.
  • Social media monitoring. And much more!

Start with the right

We at Earnlytical deliver personalized products and quality experiences that are sure to skyrocket your business and organization as a whole. Whether it is for improving your employee productivity or staying on toes at the front desk, artificial intelligence can help you leverage your potential to its paramount and deliver quality to your audience.

We offer products and services that can be easily integrated into your current systems and work seamlessly in the future. In 2022, companies are expected to have an average of 35 AI projects in place. what are you waiting for?

Crafting personalized products and services every day.

Crafting quality, forging everlasting partnerships for the future.

Web 3.0

Web 3.0 Explained | Features, Advantages & Comparison to Web 2.0

The world around us is changing at an increasing rate. And many futurists believe that we are at the foyer of the future that we always imagined. And the credit to this goes to the game-changing technologies like Blockchain, DAOs, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and many more.

These are rapidly evolving and laying the foundation of this coming tomorrow. It is the future that caught our imagination in various Science-fiction movies wherein technology is intelligent, well-connected, decentralised and automated.

Today we will talk about one such futuristic technology that will form the linchpin of all these developments – Web 3.0. Also known as Web3 or the Semantic Web.

What is Web 3.0?

Imagine you are returning to your home in your self-driven car after working hard the whole day at the office. You are very tired and can’t wait to reach home. As soon as you reach closer, the garage gate automatically starts to open. You park your car and move inside your home. The lights turn on by themselves, the temperature of the house is automatically set to your preference.

The voice of an Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) asks you about the day and what you would prefer to do now? It suggests some of the options depending on your day and mood. You choose to go for your usual drink and watch television. The drink is getting prepared, meanwhile, you sit on the couch. The TV is turned on with your favorite show and you just can’t get enough of it. What a way to end a hectic day.

Do you know what technologies have enabled these functions?

All these developments are a result of our information system attaining intelligence with the help of technologies like Artificial intelligence and Machine learning. This information system understands your personality and preferences and works in accordance.

For example, if you are a motorcar enthusiast and want to see a show about Jaguar, it doesn’t show you something about the animal Jaguar. This is what Web 3.0 is at its peak in the future.

It is the intelligent information system that works in tandem with other technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) in the future, to give you the life you always wanted. 

So, to discuss the definition of Web 3.0, it is the third iteration of the internet that would be able to think like us. Like, it would not only able to understand the meaning of the words but also the context, sense and emotions behind them. 

And it doesn’t end there, the new version of the internet will be based on a decentralised ledger technology, commonly known as blockchain technology. The technology will bring the aspect of decentralization into the system and allow the user to have control over their data. This is stark opposite to the current version of the internet, known as Web 2.0, wherein the data is centralized and controlled by a few tech giants.

Thus, you can say, it will possess human intelligence to understand the context and act accordingly. Moreover, Machine Learning helps it improve itself consistently. Understanding its feature will help us get a better hold on this concept.

Features of Web 3.0

  1. Decentralization

    This is the core feature of Web 3.0. While, today in Web 2.0 the data is store at a particular location or server that is property of a certain organization. This leaves the control of that data in the hands of that organization, which can use it for profiteering. Thus, jeopardizing the privacy of many. This is one of the main drawback of Web 2.0 that Web 3.0 seeks to do away with.

    Since Web 3.0 is based on blockchain, a decentralised ledger technology, which stores data multiple location, it will also result in distributed data storage simultaneously. This will give the user complete authority over their data and protect their privacy.
  2. Trustless & Permissionless

    In the context of Web 3.0, being trustless is a positive word. This is because, the network will allow the user to interact with it directly without requiring any intermediary. Thus, they don’t need to entrust anyone with their data before putting it on the network. They can do it on their own and keep it safe with the help of unbreakable blockchain technology.

    Similarly, the users do not need to acquire permission from anyone before interacting with this network. This makes them permissionless.
  3. Semantic Web

    This is one of the most prominent improvements in Web 3.0 over the preceding versions. It would not only work based on the keywords the user puts in but also understands the underlying context.

    Thus, it produces the results according to the sense of the search and not just the keywords as it’s being done in the current version i.e. Web 2.0. Like we said above, it understands the difference between Jaguar the car and Jaguar the animal.
  4. Artificial Intelligence

    The next big improvement is the utilization of Artificial Intelligence. With the help of AI, Web 3.0 would be able to understand data as we do. And this will change how we interact with the digital world, given that it will also include Natural Language Processing(NLP).

    Thus, the AI in Web 3.0 would be able to identify ambiguity or abnormality in data and pinpoint fake reviews or rigged ratings to remove them to keep the authenticity intact. 

    Moreover, with the help of Machine Learning, it will keep on improving itself and give better results everytime.
  5. Spatial Web

    Web 3.0 will also deal extensively with 3D graphics, that is why many futurists also call it Spatial Web. This will enhance the immersive experience of the user to the manifold, for example, the user would be able to see the product on an e-commerce website in more clearer manner.

    Similarly, Museums would be able to give an online tour or showcase their distinguished artefacts to attract visitors. Likewise, it can be utilised in healthcare, education, real-estate you name it.

    Hence, the opportunities are boundless with the amazing 3D experience Web 3.0 will be able to offer to blur the line between the physical and the digital worlds. 
  6. Connectivity

    This is where the above example of IVA will start to take shape. The connectivity will be in two forms. First, the connectivity between the information and second connectivity between machines for example Internet of Things(IoT). 

    The first form of connectivity will be a result of AI. The reason, since this information system will itself understand the information, it will be able to juxtapose related information to present more productive results.

    The second form of connectivity will be caused by two factors: 
  • Enabling technologies like Cloud Computing, Robotics, Big Data
  • Mushrooming on Automated machines that can connect to the internet

    These two factors will transform the interaction between humans and machines. And the common thread that will connect all these developments will be Web 3.0.

    This will take the connectivity aspect of Web 3.0 to unprecedented levels. And usher in the high-tech future. And this takes us to another feature.
  1. Ubiquity

    This will be a result of a higher extent of connectivity in Web 3.0 making it ubiquitous. Although, Web 2.0 is ubiquitous but upto a limited extent for example only certain sites allow you to access your data from anywhere in the world. And this data is solely controlled by the organisation managing the website. 

    Web 3.0, along with its trait of decentralization, will take this feature to another level. The data will be accessible from around the world. Not only the data will be accessible to the user from anywhere in the world. The user would be the sole owner of their data.

Comparison between Web 1.0 vs Web 2.0 vs Web 3.0

Web 1.0 or the Static Web

It spanned between 1989 to 2005. It is called Static web because there was very limited interaction between the internet and the user. The information was very provided in a very straightforward and bland and access to it was very limited.

It was based on:

  • HyperText Markup Language(HTML)
  • URI or URL: Uniform Resource Identifier or Locator, 
  • HyperText Transfer Protocol(HTTP)

Also, the search engine only came into existence after 1995 and email and access to real-time informations was made possible. However, it was the time when few created the content for many. And this got changed in Web 2.0

Web 2.0 or the Social Web

This network was a great shift from its previous version. Not only it was way better when it came to interactivity and social connectivity. It allowed user to generate content and let it spread across the internet to other millions or even billions of users. That is why is also called the Social Web. Now, many were creating for many. 

The most noticeable development was the advent of social networking and interactive applications. This facilitated the emergence of tech giants like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Youtube etc. These giants gradually attained dominance on the internet by controlling its access and usage of the data over it.

Further, its growth got fueled by technological advancements like mobile phones and open source software’s like Android. These open source software led to development of millions of mobile-based software application that expanded the utility of internet to exponential levels.

Web 3.0

Comparing to the above two versions of internet, Web 3.0 is based on the principles of decentralization, directness, privacy protection and permissionless access etc. and will offer the obvious purpose of greater utility.

Thus, it will give the user more authority over their data. And this will curb the data usage of the users without their permission which is the most talked about disadvantage of Web 2.0. 

As envisaged, it will take the bottom-up approach in which the users will guide the direction it would take. Moreover, the features that we discussed above like Semantic Web, Artificial Intelligence, and three-dimensional graphics etc will offer even more utility in Web 3.0. 

The below mentioned table represents a quick comparison between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0.

Web 2.0 versus Web 3.0 – An approach to the metaverse

FeaturesWeb 2.0Web 3.0
Organizational Structure Centralized Ownership & Control
 Decision are by the shareholder of the controlling organization
 Decentralized control and ownership by community
 Native tokens holders carry out governance and decisions are consensus-based
Data Storage Centralized storage on specific location Decentralized storage on multiple locations
Platform Format PC/console 
 VR/AR hardware 
 VR/AR hardware
 Mobile App in coming times
Payments Infrastructure Traditional payments methods such as Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Netbanking, etc.
 Virtual currency limited to that platform
 Crypto wallets
 Cryptocurrencies & Tokens circulated across platform
Content Creators Game developers Community member
 Game developers
Portability Of Digital Assets Within the particular platform Can be transferred to different platforms
Ownership Of Digital Assets Within the platform where purchased Portable as owned by the user through Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)
Identity Avatar created on a particular platform
 Interoperable self-sovereign identity 
 Anonymous Private-key
Revenue Models Revenue shared by selling platform and the creator/developer Developers/creators directly earn revenue
 Users earn through participation in activities including governance
 Royalties earn by NFTs creators on secondary transactions
Participation Methods Socialization 
 Play-to-earn game
 Experiences like concerts
 All Web 2.0 activities
Example World of Warcraft 
 Second Life
 Somnium Space
 The Sandbox

Advantages of Web 3.0

Ownership of Data

Under the Web 3.0 setting, the user gain the ownership for their data and the privacy is protected by encryption of the data through blockchain technology. Therefore, this data can only be utilised by any third party after getting permission from the user on need or case by case basis.

Ubiquitous Information Access

Web 3.0 enables ubiquitous information access, which is quite limited in Web 2.0. This will be made possible with the help of smartphone application and cloud-based technologies. While in Web 2.0 users have to rely on an intermediary to access their own data, this will not be the case in Web 3.0 where there would be no intermediary.

Democratization of the Web

Web 3.0 provides democratization of the web as no central authority can dictate the access and restriction to its services. Neither can anyone stop it operation, it will be execute same functions in all the circumstance thanks to the architecture that is based upon smart contracts.


IGO Launchpad Development – Create a Cumulative Launchpad To Explore Next Gen Blockchain Games

Initial Game Offerings (IGO) Launchpad Development

Initial Game Offerings Launchpad Development is a process of creating a crowdsale blockchain gaming environment that includes gaming assets like mystery boxes, weapons, skins, characters, etc. With IGO Launchpad Development Company the individuals can launch their own gaming launchpads like Binance NFT, BSCPad, TrustSwap, EnjinStarter. 

Earblytical – A IGO Launchpad Development Company, is expertise in creating launchpads for blockchain games. Several development stages are undergone to deliver outstanding IGO launchpads for the clients across the globe. 

Features Of IGO Launchpad

Automated Liquidity
Instant liquidity is required to handle gaming launchpads. So a automated liquidity pool is integrated to offer limitless liquidity to IGO launchpads.

Cross-chain Swap
Offers interoperability across blockchains and the ability to make cross-chain transfers across multiple blockchains. 

Optimization of the platform offers great feasibility for the users to operate it. 

KYC Prevents scams and authorised users, by protecting the privacy of user. 

Earns trust of the users by making it completely transparent for them. The source is available openly for the users so that it can be verified.

IGO Gaming launchpads are made up compatible so that it works well with all blockchains. 

Industry Leading Crypto Game  IGO Launchpads 

  1. Seedify.fund (SFUND)
  2. GameFi (GAFI)
  3. Gamestarter (GAME)
  4. Enjinstarter (ENJINSTARTER)

IGO Launchpad Clone Solutions We Offer

GameFi Clone
Main objective of our GameFi clone script enables you to launch a gaming launchpad at a stretch. With a Gamefi Clone a variety of gaming operations can be performed like staking, yield farming, and so on.  

SeediFy Clone
Seedify clone creates a fundraising launchpad which is developed with the intent of creating successful blockchain projects. 

GameStarter Clone
With GameStarter Clone a full scalable gaming ecosystem can be created to deploy blockchain based gaming projects. 

Binance Launchpad Clone
Binance launchpad clone offers an exclusive solution to launch a new token for raising funds in the crypto ecosystem. 

EnjinStarter Clone
EnjinStarter Clone develops a cross-chain compatible launchpad by hitting a variety of  successful scalable gaming platforms.

What Is an IGO (Initial Game Offer)?

IGO launchpads are the newest trend in the cryptocurrency market, and they work on the same principle as an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The only difference is that IGOs host gaming projects in which NFTs or tokens are used as in-game cash and prizes.

Investors can put their money into IGO launchpads’ gaming initiatives and expect a big return after the project is listed on major crypto exchanges or achieves traction in the growing gaming community.

IGOs are the next big thing in the crypto space, thanks to the rise of blockchain gaming. 

The Initial Game Offerings (IGO) is a collection of NFT assets from top-tier gaming projects that are only offered on Binance NFT. Auctions, fixed price auctions, and mystery boxes are all options for launching assets.

All drop material will be in-game assets such as early-access passes, weapons and gear, custom Binance aesthetics and skins, and much more!

Benefits  of IGO Launchpad Development

Fundraising in Initial Game Offerings (IGO) Development Services is popular among mobile game developers for a variety of reasons. Game creators can use an Initial Game Offerings to acquire funding without relying on publishers or venture investors. 

Some of it’s primary advantages are listed below.

Quick funding

An IGO can offer all the money you need in a short period of time if you have a good pitch and a large enough social media following, and without the strings that venture capitalists may have.

Controlling your game
An IGO gives you 100 percent ownership of the company’s equity, allowing you to make all development choices.

Future game funding
IGO allows you to seek funding for numerous projects at once because it’s far easier to raise money in small increments while you’re still growing an audience. 

An IGO funding can also prepare the way for more effective use of the Initial Public Offering prospectus, which allows companies to list on public stock markets through the Initial Public Offering procedure.

Workflow Of Initial Game Offering (IGO) Launchpads

Motive of developing IGO launchpad is to launch a blockchain game for raising the capital funds. Participants of the IGO Launchpads gets quick access of the gaming assets at the initial stage of development process. Assets offered by the IGO are  mystery boxes, characters, skins, accessories, weapons, etc,.. 

At present many IGO launchpads are available that includes Binance NFT, BSCPad, TrustSwap, and so on. Each and every launchpad has their own setup process. A native token is required to purchase a launchpad platform if a user wants to participate in it. 

For example, In Binance NFT, an investor must hold a BNB token in their Binance wallet so that they can be eligible to participate. Once a required token is acquired then the participants can lock it in the pool for a particular period of time. As per the algorithm, an NFT is received based on the number of locked tokens. 

Then according to the subscription mechanism rewards are offered for the winners. In some cases a participant must hold or stake a purchased gaming token before they trade it. 

CheckList To Evaluate A Good IGO Launchpad

  • Launchpad Holding Requirements or Tiers
  • Allocation Type
  • Holder Benefits
  • Platform ROI
  • Funds Raised and Number of Token Generation Events
  • Check the number of token generation event 
  • Notable Gaming IGO’s

Why Choose Earnlytical for Initial Game Offerings Launchpad Development?

Initial Game Offerings Development creates a gaming launchpad environment for the gamers who participate in purchasing gaming assets. Business can be setup by developing launchpads for games. A huge investment can be enforced in it by providing rewards for gamers through creating a creative project by raising funds and for investors who likes to invest in IGO launchpads. 

We help you to create some of the popular IGO launchpads like Gamefi, Gamestarter, Seedify, etc. We are one of the top notch Blockchain Development Company who support clients across the globe. One who wishes to create a IGO launchpad can talk about their requirements with our experts. Enquire more with our team and get a consultation. 

NFT explained

What are Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs)? – Everything You Need To Know

What Does DeFi Mean?

To your wonder, for the past couple of years, DeFi is captivating the blockchain era, and we have witnessed this growth once after the rise of numerous new cryptocurrencies in the marketplace. Well, it’s true, DeFi is meant to offer solutions for high demanded fintech industries by bringing it in a network that operates in a decentralized fashion.  Everything moving in DeFi (ie, exchanges & transactions) is really fast by further enhancing the network on a large scale. On another point of view, “Mass adoption” happens as people started accepting Decentralized finance projects/platforms, as it is making the DeFi user’s work simple in an effortless way.  DeFi matters a lot to the majority of the population in 2021, as people are getting adopted to a scalable platform that operates in online without the necessity of a central network. As DeFi promises to perfectly carry out the transactions on a massive scale, many DeFi projects are developed & introduced.  Some of them are PancakeSwap, UniSwap, SafeMoon, BakerySwap, etc,… In this article, we are going to explore one of the new concepts called “NFT” in DeFi. Let us get started! 

What are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)? 

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) is a popular digital asset that comes with a combination of real-world objects like collectibles, games, music, art, videos & more. This NFT can be brought in online and that too frequently with cryptocurrencies. Blockchain carries out the above entire operation as there is an increase in popularity & demand have raised in exchanging NFTs in the marketplace. The non-crypto audience is benefitted on a huge scale as NFTs is taking the digital world by storm. It is creating a big opportunity as this unique digital asset (NFTs) is developed on top of the Ethereum network. Buying and selling of NFTs are processed by smart contracts in this Ethereum blockchain network. 

How NFTs Differs from Cryptocurrency?

Certain characteristics of Non-fungible tokens make them distinct from other popular cryptocurrencies. Even though NFTs are programmed and coded like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc,.. NFTs are different. It has its own unique value and couldn’t be exchanged for any other cryptocurrency. The value of the NFTs also does not equals with any other, which means it is extremely unique and could be used for some specific purposes. 

Fungible Tokens Vs Non-Fungible Tokens

Let’s sort out the major difference between fungible and non-fungible tokens in brief.  

  • Fungible tokens are extremely interoperable and exchangeable as it can be exchanged with any other cryptocurrencies, whereas Non-fungible tokens are unique and couldn’t be exchanged easily like the above. 
  • Fungible tokens are divisible whereas Non-fungible tokens are non-divisible. It means fungible tokens can be divided into smaller units and the token value remains to be same, on the other hand, NFTs are extremely opposite to it.
  • Fungible tokens are same whereas Non-fungible tokens are different. Here, each and every token in fungible are different and comes under the same type, in NFT, each NFTs are identical and unique. 

NFTs & DeFi – Is It A Good Combination?

Many of us would haven’t heard this term. NFTs are called as a cryptographic token and it is not like the other traditional asset. These non-fungible tokens have it’s own set of unique value and it represents collectibles like digital art, or other digital items like music, games & more,…It is rare and it is most secured stored by following the cryptographic security policy.  It operates on the blockchain-based network and that too mostly on the Ethereum blockchain. That’s how NFT’s are combined with DeFi, as NFT comes under the major DeFi project popularly defined as a decentralized exchange platform development for exchanging NFTs. In this DeFi platform, real-world assets like NFTs are easily exchanged in a decentralized blockchain network. Thus, DeFi & NFTs work splendidly together. 

General Characteristics Of NFTs

Unique NFTs are unique and much distinct from one another. No two tokens in NFTs appear to look the same. This unique characteristic creates a center of attraction among many NFT users. Limited supply A token holder cannot have a stream of NFTs that holds the same value proposition.  Indivisible NFTs cannot be splitted into multiple units like bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies. This destroys it’s value proportion if it is splitted. Specific use It has some key characteristics and it is limited for certain usage only. One cannot use NFTs as per their needs/requirements. Verifiable scarcity Blockchain verifies the NFT holders and how many NFTs are left over for purchasing. 

How Do NFTs Work?

Working principle of NFT is so simple. It functions on the blockchain network, especially on Ethereum network. Popularly these Non-fungible tokens are stored on Ethereum blockchain for processing activities like buying, selling, making of NFTs.  NFT has only one token owner who holds a unique digital asset, thus the owner can be easily verified. Also, at a single point in time, NFT can be owned by a single owner. Here the owner of NFT can store specific information and can digitally sign in NFTs metadata. Majorly NFT is created for digital objects like 

  • Art
  • Music
  • GIFs
  • Video games 
  • Videos and sports highlights
  • Collectibles
  • Designer sneakers

How To Buy/ Sell /Make NFTs?

Buy NFT Before purchasing an NFT ensure that you own a digital wallet for storing it. A gas fee is also imposed for completing the transaction in a successful way. Sell NFT Initially upload your content on a digital platform before you start your selling. Give a description for your content and specify a price for it. Commonly NFTs are bought using ERC-20 tokens like WAX & Flow. Any other users trade it by using ERC-20 tokens for buying your NFTs. Make NFTs It is possible for everyone to create an NFT. For making your NFT marketplace into functionable you need 3 things, (ie) Ethereum tokens, wallet to store, establish a connection to your marketplace.  

What Are NFTs Used For?

Let us talk about the real-time application and usage of NFTs. In our life, we may face problems, “less opportunity to show our talents”. Isn’t it? To solve these issues, especially for (digital artists), NFT is a solution provider. Using the NFT marketplace one can sell their art by does not relying on digital galleries to expose their artistic framework. Here, a price range is fixed by the seller of NFT while selling their digital asset in a decentralized platform. 

I’m happy to list out the popular non-fungible token use case. First, the most familiar use case of NFT is “Crypto Kitties”. Apart from crypto kitties, there are multiple use-cases in NFT for different purposes like voting & elections, loyalty programs, art, real-world assets, virtual assets, copyright, supply chain tracking, medical data, and more. Digital platform users can make use of this opportunity for exhibiting their talents. 

Below listed NFT marketplace empowers your business in real-time, thus fixing major problems faced while selling a digital asset.

  • Opensea
  • Rarible
  • Super Rare
  • Foundation
  • Superfarm
  • Enjin
  • Ethernity

Earnlytical – Non-Fungible Token Development Company

We are happy to offer solutions from our NFT Services development company to every one of you. Our experts support you by offering complete technical support for building your highly secured Non-fungible tokens which follow the strong NFT development criteria. Also, We assist you to build other decentralized exchange platforms for making an expansion in your business. Feel free to connect with our crew!”A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Wish”Start Your Business with Us!


Lights, Camera, NFTs – Digital Revolution In Film Industry Begins!

NFT Development For Film Industry

After making a massive strike in revolutionizing the art, music, gaming, and e-commerce industries, The Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are now all set to enter and rock the entertainment and film industry. Accepting new kinds of utilities like real-world is very rare in the entertainment industry because the traditional ways of film financing have rooted strongly across the major film studios. The entertainment and film industry is very sure to make a transformation in the global movie film industry. This is possible by allowing the audience to empower the actors, writers, and directors apart from just enjoying the favorite content.

Do you want to turn the bottlenecked industry into a full-fledged free market by favoring the lesser known and independent filmmakers? Earnlytical, a top NFT Development Company, develops the best NFT Development Services for the film industry to change the traditional film financing. 

Following are the NFT development services provided by Earnlytical for the film industry.

  1. Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Development For Films
  2. Celebrity NFT Marketplace Development

Non-Fungible Token Development Services For Film Industry

After seeing the success of NFTs some of the popular celebrities have launched their own NFT marketplace and non-fungible tokens. Each sector in the film industry requires different nfts. Their purpose will differ from one to one. We at Earnlytical get all the requirements from our clients and build the NFTs according to their business needs. 

Celebrity NFT Marketplace Development  

Experts at Earnlytical are ready to help the celebrities to launch their very own exclusive NFT marketplace to connect with their fans with innovative features. In this celebrity marketplace, the fans will be able to access the collectible items by the celebrity from ‘Collector’ to ‘Rare’. The NFTs will also give access to certain privileges for the fans while being tradable on the marketplace.

How NFTs Work With The Film Industry?

  1. The NFTs help in creating a fanbase for a film before its release. The members of the project can promote it by linking NFTs to the film like digital artwork, walk-on cameos, etc. 
    If a fan purchases any of these NFTs, the fan becomes  a film investor and gets a stake in the production process as a token of supporting them. So, buying an NFT to fund an upcoming movie is not just about supporting an independent filmmaker, but can also be, an opportunity for viewers to invest and possibly even walk away with a profit.
  2. NFTs can be used not only in marketing the project but also in sales, fundraising and distribution can also be done. Still numerous untapped opportunities are available. 
  3. First 500 people can watch the movie using the ticket NFTs for upcoming movies, NFTs can be broadcasted at the end of the movie, or NFT theater discount
  4. Funds can be raised for using NFTs to finance a film.
  5. More than supporting the film by watching them, fans can also invest in digital collectibles to support them.

NFT Marketplace To Influence The Crypto Market

  • Actress
  • Celebrities
  • Youtubers
  • Vloggers
  • Tik Tok Influencers
  • Instagram Influencers
  • Twitter Influencers

One can choose the appropriate division from the above classification to get better opportunity and increase business traffic and audiences to your marketplace. 


The film industry is looking for new experiences through NFTs. Fresh film makers can be encouraged by raising funds using the NFTs. NFTs start being  an exciting way for the creators to make a meaningful relationship with their supporters. This is only the beginning of the film industry and is making it very clear that films are beginning to look into NFTs. We are here to create your dream NFT platform for films. Contact us right now!


Improving Employee Performance through Augmented Reality

“Win the workplace first, to win the market”

Employee performance is key to the success of a business. Even the fantastic products or services of a company can fail if the employees are not performing well. Will it be an exaggeration to say that it is the lifeblood of an organization? Employee performance can be defined as how an employee fulfills the job tasks and duties.

Technology plays a crucial role in improving the performance of employees One of the technologies that are gaining popularity across industries is the augmented reality. AR is a technology that expands the physical world by adding layers of digital information to it.

The introduction of AR is mostly accompanied by an example of the game – Pokemon Go. The game was released in 2016 and in very little time it became a trending sensation. There are however several other examples of AR apps such as the IKEA AR app and Loreal Make-up app etc. If you want to know more about this revolutionizing technology then land into our Augmented Reality Definitive Guide.

AR technology is still in its infancy age but is reinventing the industrial processes in a way that was never thought of before. Slowly but steadily, AR is entering the mainstream; by the end of 2020, it will hit around $60 billion.

AR will now show its glory in managing one of the common challenges faced by organizations across the world –worker performance. Poor performance is indeed a hard nut to crack. Talking about a problem will not help in solving the same. This blog, therefore, focuses on augmented reality as a solution for improving workers’ performance and productivity.

A partnership between humans and smart machines is unique,
together they do wonders. Augmented reality is augmenting worker’s performance dramatically, resulting in improved performance, higher worker satisfaction, and greater safety.

GE using AR for improving technician performance

The video below is a great start to understand how augmented reality makes a significant difference in worker’s performance. The video shows a time-lapse comparison of GE’s technician wiring a wind turbine’s control box using the traditional method and with AR.

When using the traditional method of wiring, the technician needs to look in the papers kept aside after every step. In contrast, the-line-of-sight instructions are overlaid on the AR headset of the technician making it easier for him to complete the job effectively and efficiently. AR headset resulted in improved worker’s performance by 34%!

Adobe’s Project Aero

Adobe’s Project Aero is an AR tool that is allowing the company’s designers to create immersive experiences with Adobe tools even if they do not know how to code. Isn’t it amazing? 

Apple’ ARkit

Apple’s AR kit is another tool that is making it easier for developers to design the AR experiences for iPad and iPhone. The Hololense released by Microsoft also brings images and information right in the line of sight of the user. The workers can hence interact with the physical and virtual world simultaneously.

Do you know Boeing? Leading aircraft manufacturer and seller also uses AR to deliver instructions to technicians for airplane wiring schematics. This reduces wiring production time by 25%, increases productivity by 40%, and eliminates error rates.

TRMUA using AR

Toms River Municipal Utilities Authority (TRMUA) is also actively utilizing AR for reaching heights of success. The AR application is allowing these companies to reduce ergonomic issues by 90%.

So how AR make a difference in the worker’s process?

  • Workers get the right information at the right time, right place, and in an ideal format.
  • When using an AR headset, the hands of workers are free and they work without interruptions.
  • The time consumed in a particular process is reduced significantly.
  • Reduces errors, as AR display provides an explicit overlaid guidance on work
  • Reduced cost of operations

The above examples are only a few of the many; there are other real use cases of AR that increase my interest in this revolutionary technology. It’s great to witness the growth of immersive technologies in the market. Things that were once hypothetical are now turning out to be pragmatic. The immersive technologies, AR and VR have come a long way and there is yet much to be witnessed.

Earnlytical since years is committed to power businesses with energy to transform their business processes. Our AR and VR developers have expertise in developing the best-customized training solutions for clients across the industries.

Reach us at: info@earnlytical.com to collaborate with us.


5 Mobile Apps For All Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur and pursuing what you like is the best thing happening in recent times where so many young talents are breaking the 9 to 5 cycle to build innovative products and services. Though being an entrepreneur might sound like a fun and easy task to others but it does require some serious dedication, patience and effective utilization of time. After all being ones boss isn’t an easy affair and does require one to make each and every hour of the day productive. In today’s time all of us rely a lot on technology to make things happen, be it calling a cab from your mobile device within minutes or having groceries delivered to your doorstep, technology does makes things easier in our busy life. And since entrepreneurs lead a very busy life hence in order to help them make their time even more productive we have today listed down five productive mobile apps for our visionaries who are all set to redefine the meaning of running a successful business.


Being an entrepreneur means being up to date about the latest ongoing activities in the market, especially the market that you are into. But the internet is full of variety of articles, data and documents and all of it is in different places. So wouldn’t it be helpful to have all this information at one place? Well, the Pocket App is here to tackle this issue. Pocket is a bookmarking app in which you can save variety of content at one place and all this content is accessible to you even when offline. So put your hand in your pocket, take out your mobile and download this app today.


All the entrepreneurs can relate to the daunting task of printing, signing, scanning and re-sending multiple documents to business prospects on a daily basis. Well, to make this time consuming task productive we have the SignEasy App in which you can open the document which you want to send within the App and sign on it easily using your finger tip. Isn’t this an efficient manner to save time and also make the document reach its destination in a timely manner? Well, download and try out the App and let us know about your experience.


Now as an entrepreneur when you start making big bucks you need to create a budget for each month and also calculate your savings. But in a very busy lifestyle it gets difficult to resort to the old school methods of sitting down to create an excel sheet to analyze the expenditure and the profit. The Mint App makes this task easy for you by doing all these calculations on your mobile device. Life does get easy when all the monetary details which you need to know are at your finger tips.


We might sound a little biased out here but this App has to be our favourite one on the list. Venmo is a free money transfer app which allows you to transfer money from one person to another. It links automatically to your phone contacts and even to the contacts on your Facebook list making it very easy for you to just search and transfer money to anybody. What more? Unlike PayPal it has no limit to the amount of money which you can transfer and also there are no transfer charges involved. It goes without saying that this App is a must have for all entrepreneurs.

Pocket Analytics

Most of the entrepreneurs today depend on the power of E-commerce to run their business and to make it reach the masses. Under such situations it becomes extremely necessary to keep a close eye on your websites traffic and the sales and conversions happening through it. The Pocket Analytics data brings all this data easily to your phone so that you can analyze your sales and traffic data from third party analytics right from your phone. It allows you to read data through graphs and view the information you want to through a drag and drop feature.

Apart from having all these Apps in your mobile as an entrepreneur, you should realize the necessity of having a Mobile App for your business. So if you still don’t own one, contact Earnlytical today to build an awesome App for your business.

Skateboarding in virtual reality cartoon vector background. Man flying on levitating skateboard under glossy surface with glowing neon grid to futuristic metropolis skyscrapers on horizon illustration

Digital Real Estates – The Next Big Thing.

Non-Fungible Tokens

Non-Fungible tokens, shortly referred to as NFTs are ruling the Internet right now. Non-fungible tokens are completely distinct and different from the cryptocurrencies that we know. NFTs differ from cryptocurrencies and it is completely unique and irreplaceable with other assets. 

Moreover NFTs have a unique value and symbolically represents real world objects like arts, music, games, collectibles, sports, etc, One such thing is the NFTs for real estates. 

At present, NFTs have become a talked topic of the town, as the traders find these digital assets so interesting for trading purposes. It can be instantly bought and sold for the best price online. In addition to it, NFTs let the owner have ownership by offering a proof of ownership for them. 

As NFTs have a potential to turn into a huge billion dollar business in the future, building your NFT marketplace on real world objects is the best choice. Let’s explore how NFTs in Real estates works. 

How Is Non Fungible Tokens Impacting Real Estate Business?

NFts in real estate brings magic to the world of property ownership in the real estate business. NFTs in real estate allows the owners to sell a portion of their property by issuing tokens on top of the blockchain network. 

The issued token in the real estate can be held(HODL) by the investors for receiving rental income on a regular basis. It also eliminates the need of the middle-man while selling/buying a portion of the property. 

“NFTs in real estate completely revolutionize the way business happens in real estate business. It connects unfamiliar people from two corners of the world quickly to exchange the ownership of real world assets.”

Benefits Of NFTs In Real Estate

Virtual real estate marketplace benefits the users in many ways. Let’s together explore how it does? 

  1. No involvement of the middleman.
  2. Quick asset transferability.
  3. Flashing instant payments.
  4. Robust Secured Transactions.
  5. Transparency
  6. Digital Ownership
  7. Shared ownership
  8. Mortgage

NFT Real Estate Marketplace Development

NFT Real Estate Marketplace Development is a tedious process of developing a real estate NFT Marketplace that allows easy transferability of ownership by buy and sell options. With NFT Real Estate Marketplace Development Services, NFTs in real estate are quickly transferable in the P2P way. It brings a huge opportunity to buy a piece of assets without the need of paperwork. 

Why Opt Earnlytical For NFT Real Estate Marketplace Development?

Earnlytical – A top class NFT Development Company has now stepped into NFT Marketplace for real estates. We are experts in building NFT marketplace for several real world industries existing in our market. Our team offers edge-cutting technology to deliver a wonderful result. If you have further queries about our NFT Real Estate Development process, then feel free to contact us!