AR and VR in Real Estates.

Yes, you read that right! Buyers are now purchasing real estate without even visiting it. This usually happens when people invest in properties in another city and it has been made possible by the introduction of augmented reality and virtual reality in the real estate industry. Now, realtors can sell a property to clients without actually taking them to the property.

How AR and VR is changing the Real Estate selling process?

The conventional form of real estate workflows consist of the following 3 steps:

  • The Realtor provides a long list of properties to the client as per their preferences
  • Explanation and Negotiation
  • Tour of the properties

These three steps help the realtors to convince the client to buy the properties and thus hold significant importance in real estate. Earlier, everything was being done manually. People needed to visit each and every property by themselves and realtors had to explain everything during the tour. This was extremely tiring and time consuming for both the buyer and seller. In fact, sometime if realtors weren’t able to explain everything clearly, and could not convince the client, they eventually ended up losing the deal.

But now, AR and VR have changed everything. Let’s see how:

Selling of Under-construction property is no more a hassle.

Property under construction is quite tough to sell because most of the people aren’t able to relate it to their dream house. Most of the time realtors couldn’t explain everything in detail that could match with client’s expectations. But, VR and AR can help them to view how it will look in the future with actual objects. Architectural 3D visualization helps them to see the interior as well as the exterior of the house. Thus AR and VR don’t let you lose any deal.

Easy to convince the distant client.

Virtual Tours also help clients who aren’t able to visit the property by self. Suppose you have a client who wants to move from Delhi to Mumbai and is looking for a house. AR and VR will help you to sell a property without actually visiting the property.

Virtual staging assisting clients to buy a property.

It’s quite difficult to imagine for a client how their furniture will look in a new house. Whether the color will match with the furniture or not? Whether the furniture will fit in the area or not? There are so many other questions that must be addressed.

There are many AR and VR applications available that will help them to find out the answer to such questions. MeasARe that works as a digital ruler and measures the size of an object is a great example of AR implementation. RealAR app helps your client to see how the place will look after completion. There are so many similar apps available now that will help realtors to sell a property.

AR and VR could bring more money, if…

The technology is already transforming the real estate industry, however, realtors need to learn and understand the proper use and implementation. For instance, creation of 3D models of projected structures and the additional digital content along with animated simulation will eventually provide a satisfactory experience to the client and thus they will be more willing to invest in the property.

If you want to create an app for your client or need any help regarding implement of AR and VR technology, you can contact us.


Earn Money with NFT business strategies.

Cryptocurrencies were not that popular and trusted among the common people a few years back. But it is upside down today! With the social media influence, popular celebrities, and news channels the cryptocurrencies are now people’s mainstream business in 2021. By the huge popularity of the cryptocurrency, a specific area is getting massive reach in many other areas. NFTs abbreviated as Non Fungible Tokens, have raised as a buzzword this year. It is introducing itself as a brand new era of the digital world. 

Why Are NFTs Considered As A Big Thing?

NFTs are the digital assets that are uncommon and described through the ERC-721 tokens. It acts as a verifiable and proof of ownership of the digital assets. NFT are of various forms. It can be videos, images, music, etc. 

Reasons For The Huge Surge In NFTs

We cannot point out a particular reason for the huge surge in NFTs. But there can be few reasons which played a major role in the growth. 

  • The introduction of unique avatars creation, digital pets, and many other attractive features made users purchase NFTs.
  • Many popular faces like Elon Musk created a buzz related to Shiba inu and Dogecoin that gained attention among people alongside the world.
  • Bitcoin prices started rising during the first quarter of 2021 may be the reason.

The Future Of NFTs

Some people admit that the madness around the NFTs is nothing but an illusion. But it is very clear that the NFTs are here to stay and travel with us. NFTs are considered as a huge gateway for building your NFT tokens, to create your own identity and  investments. Unlike other business models NFT also undergo years of development. It is common for any kind of NFT business you get in. It is obvious right now that the startup projects in the NFT space can fetch over 11million dollars. Then why not for an entrepreneur to create this momentum? To get into action choose one of the NFT based business ideas listed below.

Some Of the Use Cases Of NFT’s Are:

  1. Games
  2. Sports
  3. Art
  4. Music
  5. Identification and Certification
  6. Digital Assets
  7. Videos
  8. Fashion Industry
  9. Real Estate
  10. Arts
  11. Collectibles

NFT Business Ideas 2022

Below mentioned are some of the NFT based business ideas in the industry. Each of them from the category is subdivided into many NFT business models. But keep in mind that this list is not the final one. As the sky is limitless, new business models can emerge in this nascent industry with money making ideas. Before that, learn some knowledge about the NFT marketplace.

What Is An NFT Marketplace?

NFT platforms are created around the idea similar to the physical content. The digital contents can also become scarce, which means ” limited in quantity” which leads to a meaningful trading and ownership.  The platform uses blockchain technologies to verify the proof of the ownership for the digital content. This is very similar to the traditional auction house that verifies the given work is original or a replica.  The usage of the blockchain technology leads to the facility of royalty by tracking the transaction logs. This automatically shares the percentage of the ROI from the second hand sales to the original creator all the time when the NFT is traded.

Check out our previous article: What are NFTs ? to know more about Non-Fungible Tokens

It’s time to know about the Different Types of NFT Based Business Ideas that could generate high ROI in 2022.

1. Create An NFT Marketplace For Arts 

An NFT marketplace for arts is an online space for the artists to sell their NFT art works. The buyers can get them in this NFT arts marketplace. 

After the purchase of the digital art work, the buyer gets the token which is known as the unique identification used for the proof of ownership. It also contains the data about the provenance, authenticity and the author. The buyer can resell their NFT artwork. They can also transfer them to a different marketplace only if they are based on the same blockchain. The original artist also gets paid for the royalty.

Popular NFT Marketplace For Arts:


2. Start An NFT Marketplace For Gaming 

The NFT gaming marketplace is a place where the players can earn NFTs as credits and they can engage in buying, selling, and trading those NFTs. The blockchain games uses NFTs to speak for the in-game items and collectibles. This has the ability to extend outside the game’s world. 

There are various gaming models in the recent growth in the NFT gaming industry. It grasps the current technology simultaneously and provides financial benefits to all the players in the online NFT gaming world. Following are one of such models.

i) Play-To-Earn Games

The speciality of the NFT games is that they combine conventional gaming designs with unconventional game mechanisms. This will allow the users to have even more control over the in-game assets like skins, virtual lands, characters, weapons, etc. 

NFTs maintain the rarity and the uniqueness of these in-game items. This is the reason why the blockchain games assets are more costly than others.

The players can get the ownership for these in-game assets by the following three main categories. They can breed, purchase digital items marketplace that can be navtivce or third party. The last one is by unlocking new items. 

The ownership for these items can be owned by the players using these three ways. The players are allowed to sell them and earn money. This is why this gaming model is known as play-to-earn.

ii) Role Playing Games or RPG Games

Role-playing-games, shortly known as RPG games, is the gaming model where the players can assume the role of a character in an animated setting. They take the responsibilities of that fictional character and play games.

Popular NFT Marketplace For Games:

  1. Axie Infinity
  2. Zed Run
  3. Gods Unchained
  4. Enjin
  5. Splinterlands
  6. Alien Worlds
  7. Gild Of Guardians

3. Launch An NFT Marketplace For Sports 

The NFTs release a new stage of fandom where the fans are given more tools to take part in the rich sports world. On the other hand they are rewarded for their passion. As the NFTs are unique and not replicable, they lead to a limited edition sports collectibles. 

With the non-fungible tokenization for the sports moments or trading cards, the fans all over the world can support their favourite athletes by accessing them and supporting their items. The fans can monetize their knowledge of the sport. 

Cryptocurrencies allow the fans to enact the NFT platform of sports easily. They can even have the proof of ownership that is recorded on the blockchain allowing fans to own the digital sports collectibles. Besides sports collections, other popular platforms like fantasy sports or sports betting are also enabled through blockchain technology.

Popular NFT Marketplace For Sports:

NBA Top Shot
F1 Delta Time
NFL Dapper Labs

4. Create NFT Token 

An NFT stands for non-fungible token. It is information added to a file that generates an uncommon signature. NFTs are based on Ethereum protocols called ERC-721 and TRON’s TRC-721. By NFT development, one can store their ownership rights for their digital contents. Simply NFTs are used for any digital contents that are unique and need right ownership. 

NFT Token Standards

  1. ERC-721
  2. ERC-1155
  3. BSC
  4. TRC-721

5. Start An NFT Marketplace For Music 

Addiction of music is quite common and by analyzing it in advance, NFTs have stepped into music. The main goal of NFT marketplace for music is to create an environment that let’s the musicians buy, sell, & bid musical collections in the digital world. A musical artist can exhibit their talents to process efficient trading of their musical assets. 

After an NFT is bought, a token is offered to the buyer, so he/she is the unique identifier and they are generally referred to as “proof of ownership”. Also it holds the information such as author, authenticity & provenance.

If a buyer wishes to resell the NFT artwork, then the transfer is possible to a different marketplace pointing to the same blockchain. Once placed for a sale then a royalty fee is paid to the original artist.

Popular NFT Marketplace For Music:

  1. NFT Showroom
  2. Mintable
  3. MakersPlace

6. Launch An NFT Marketplace For Collectibles 

Prized possessions sought for by the collectors is the concept of the collectibles. Collectibles are the uncommon items minted on the blockchain represented as non-fungibel tokens so that anyone can get it. Due to the involvement of the blockchain technology, they are limited and sell for huge amounts making them unique and scarce. 

Categories of Crypto Collectibles

  • Game collectibles
  • Art collectibles
  • Sports collectibles

And More.

Popular NFT Marketplace For Collectibles:

  1. CryptoKitties
  2. Sandbox
  3. CryptoPunks

7. Create NFT Marketplace For Metaverse

The trending technology that is roaring in the crypto world is Metaverse. Metaverse is the place where the physical and digital worlds connect. Metaverse is a speculative future iteration of the Internet part of shared virtual reality. Like other NFT marketplaces, Metaverse marketplace also allows users to buy, sell, and bid their NFTs on the game assets, virtual lands, horses, and other in-game objects. 

Popular NFT Marketplace For Metaverse:

  • Decentraland

8. Get A Whitelabel NFT Marketplace 

The white label NFT marketplace development involves the process of adding only the client’s logo and brand name. This is called white-labeling. One does not need to create an NFT platform from the ground level. Later enhancement can also be done by any development firms. 

9. Start An NFT Marketplace For Real Estate 

Big motive of NFTs in real estate is to cut short the difficulties faced by the real estate business in real time. A big challenge faced by the property owner is to exchange their land within a short duration. NFTs put a full stop on this problem by creating a marketplace for real estates to be changed in hand without the need of paperwork. It acts as a buy/ sell platform to exchange land ownership and assets. 

10. Launch NFT Marketplace For Celebrities

The celebrities across the globe will be attracted to enter the rich NFT community to make money with their star power and door to unique promotional opportunities. The celebrities can sell their digital elements such as music tracks, videos, pictures, avatars, special moments, illustrations, badges to fans. Even after selling their NFTs to the fans, the stars will get royalty fees every time they are traded.  

Other NFT Based Business Ideas

  • Launch An NFT App
  • Create An NFT Blog
  • Create An NFT For Wearables
  • Create An NFT VR
  • Create An NFT For Online course
  • Create An NFT For Forum

Is It Profitable To Make Your Own NFT? 

Since the increased popularity of the NFTs among the common people, led to the rise of NFTs sale prices , Of Course making NFTs can be the most profitable investments in today’s world. 

How Do I Start An NFT Business? 

  • Conduct market research
  • Choose a NFT business niche
  • Pick a development company who is master in NFT development services
  • Share your business ideas and requirements with the NFT development firm.
  • The NFT developers will grab your ideas and implement them in the development process.
  • Invest and get your NFT marketplace developed

Bottom Line

The NFTs are not going to go anywhere, This trend is here to stay for a long period. NFTs having many use cases and their credibility also keep increasing in the future to maintain an online presence and increase the asset.

“Make Hay While The Sun Shines”

As the proverb says, use the opportunity given and earn a handful of money at the right time. 

Why are we still waiting? Enter the lucrative industry right now!

We, a leading NFT Development Company, offer the best solutions for all the above mentioned NFT business models. Step into the new venture in this new year 2022 with our NFT development solutions. 


Your Smartphone Is your New Business.

Mobile strategy is one keyword every business in discussing now. This is being asked in board meetings and investor pitches alike. So much so that mobile is becoming the primary launch base for new businesses. “Mobile First” as they say.

The Business Advantage
Many product companies and service-based enterprises that rely on data and have a widespread presence are steadily moving towards the mobile channel. A new promotional channel has emerged with mobile applications veering away from marketing via website promotions, digital marketing or online sales.

Research suggests that about 89% of mobile users spend their media time on mobile apps as compared to a mere 11% media time spent on mobile websites. Evidently, leading the mobile pack are product boutiques like Amazon, Flipkart, Ebay, Alibaba and many others that offer special discounts and offers on their products for consumers that shop through mobile apps alone. Travel enthusiasts are not left far behind with many travel apps like Tripadvisor, Airbnb, expedia, booking etc. offering affordable deals on travel fare as well as accommodation – leading to a burgeoning travel industry.

Many businesses have begun to use mobile applications as a tool and part of their workforce to ascertain or gather critical information for important decision making. For instance, while participating in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, the Coca Cola enterprise was looking for a way to measure product availability that is real-time and fool-proof which is critical for a product company like Coke. They hired a company to develop their mobile application on all platforms with which employees could update and report data on-the-field, real time. As a result, Coke was able to collect real-time data pretty quickly that helped identify gaps in product placement by using a mobile application, a very critical decision made.

Consumer Delight

Apart from the fact that you can shop anytime and anywhere, the consumer benefits from a much higher level of service. There is an increased sense of professionalism as all the information is centrally located in the mobile application. Right from the time, he orders the product – there is a lot of transparency about when the product will be delivered to where the product is in the interim – in the warehouse or with the carrier etc.

A good illustration of superior customer focus is AXA, the world’s largest insurance company. They have integrated their CRM and agent database into one mobile application whereby each agent gets a pop up based on geo-proximity to the enquiry resulting in quicker turnaround time. Additionally, the consumer benefits from the use of mobile applications as a primary mode of buying through app-specific discounts, free shipping and many other promotional campaigns that is specifically targeted towards mobile app users, the most recent example being the massive flipkart sale.

Not only mobile is helping businesses, it is the business in the new world order.


Monetize Your App in 5 simple ways.

Any business organization builds up a mobile App to act as a marketing channel for its brand to create its awareness in the market. Other than that an App is also an important source to gain new mobile customers, encourage customer engagement and eventually receive customer loyalty. So after putting in all the hard work and the money to get the mobile App launched you would definitely want it to be a solid source of revenue, isn’t it? Though there are a lot of App monetization strategies present in the market, today we’ll discuss that how you can derive the maximum benefit out of each one of them and make your App earn revenue for your organization. So without further delay let us have a look at the best mobile App monetization ways in India.

Free App with In-App advertising

Most of the users prefer to download a free App as compared to a paid one. They would download a paid App once they are convinced that the App gives them the features they are looking for and provides them with the best solution. So in such a case the best way to monetize your App is through In-App advertising. The strategy out here is to get a sizeable audience to download your App and then you gather data on the people interacting with your App. This data is then sorted and is sold out to the App publishers who pay you for placing ads in your App. However, one very important point to keep in mind before going with In-App advertising is that the ads should not interfere with the user experience and frustrate them. To avoid this do not use ads which are disruptive in nature. When a user downloads your App the next step should be to engage him with unique content but if pop-up ads which are difficult to exit keep Appearing on the screen then it will disengage the user. Hence, always keep in mind to have ads which are not disruptive in nature. One step which you can take in order to have successful In-App advertising is to place ads between the content but these ads should be relevant to the user.  For instance, if you App is about travel and ticket bookings then an advertisement of a dating App won’t make much sense to the user but an ad of a cab booking App will be of use to the user and he may even click on it. This practice will not only monetize your App but will also enhance the experience of the user. This strategy can help you in making money easily by selling data driven advertising space.

Freemium App

With this App monetization strategy you offer a free version of your App in the store but certain features of the App are gated and the users need to pay a fee in order to unlock them. This is a great way to have users download your App and see what all features the App is offering them. Once the users get addicted and hooked-on to the App they will not hesitate from buying the additional features. For example – If you have a gaming App then you can keep certain levels free and the later ones paid, also you can keep certain powers of the characters of the game locked which can only be unlocked by buying the full version. If the users like what they get in the free version they will definitely go for the full version. Another way to go about it is to offer the App to the users on a trial basis for a few days after which if they like the features of the App then they can upgrade to the full version. For Example – The SignEasy App which allow you to sign documents digitally without having to go through the hassles of signing a document and then scanning it, allows the user a 7 day free trial of the App after which the user can buy a subscription to the App if they want continued services.

Paid Apps which cost money to download allows the businesses to earn money upfront- that is each time you have a new user you earn money. This App monetization strategy is great for your App if it outshines in features, ratings and reviews among the other free ones based on the same concept available in the store. The most successful paid Apps do a great job in selling their unique features which differentiate them from the other Apps. The biggest advantage of this monetization strategy is that the users who install the App are likely to become engaged users since they chose to pay for your App rather than installing a free App. Also, since this model is free from in-App advertising hence it provides a smoother experience to the user. Apart from all this it also motivates the developers to focus on innovation as paid Apps are expected to be the top in their field. If you are able to provide the users with all these features so that he feels that it is worth the money then this App monetization model might just be the one for you.

In-App purchases

In this monetization model you can sell physical or virtual goods in your App in order to earn revenue. This can include anything from selling clothes, to accessories to services. This model turns your App into a sales store for physical goods and into a mobile storefront for virtual goods which are used inside the App. This model works very well for ecommerce or mcommerce businesses.

Email subscriptions

If you have a newsletter or run a blog then Email subscriptions can be a great way to drive customer engagement. Regular emails to the customer keep your brand alive in their minds making them more likely to buy from you. This will generate you more money and the best way for you to collect all these email addresses is to put an email subscription option in your App. By putting an in-App subscription form in you will boost your App especially if you allure the users with some exciting offers or coupons which they will get in their inbox if they subscribe to your blog/newsletter.

So which App monetization strategy are you likely to use for your mobile App? Contact us to discuss more about your project.