AR and VR in Real Estates.

Yes, you read that right! Buyers are now purchasing real estate without even visiting it. This usually happens when people invest in properties in another city and it has been made possible by the introduction of augmented reality and virtual reality in the real estate industry. Now, realtors can sell a property to clients without actually taking them to the property.

How AR and VR is changing the Real Estate selling process?

The conventional form of real estate workflows consist of the following 3 steps:

  • The Realtor provides a long list of properties to the client as per their preferences
  • Explanation and Negotiation
  • Tour of the properties

These three steps help the realtors to convince the client to buy the properties and thus hold significant importance in real estate. Earlier, everything was being done manually. People needed to visit each and every property by themselves and realtors had to explain everything during the tour. This was extremely tiring and time consuming for both the buyer and seller. In fact, sometime if realtors weren’t able to explain everything clearly, and could not convince the client, they eventually ended up losing the deal.

But now, AR and VR have changed everything. Let’s see how:

Selling of Under-construction property is no more a hassle.

Property under construction is quite tough to sell because most of the people aren’t able to relate it to their dream house. Most of the time realtors couldn’t explain everything in detail that could match with client’s expectations. But, VR and AR can help them to view how it will look in the future with actual objects. Architectural 3D visualization helps them to see the interior as well as the exterior of the house. Thus AR and VR don’t let you lose any deal.

Easy to convince the distant client.

Virtual Tours also help clients who aren’t able to visit the property by self. Suppose you have a client who wants to move from Delhi to Mumbai and is looking for a house. AR and VR will help you to sell a property without actually visiting the property.

Virtual staging assisting clients to buy a property.

It’s quite difficult to imagine for a client how their furniture will look in a new house. Whether the color will match with the furniture or not? Whether the furniture will fit in the area or not? There are so many other questions that must be addressed.

There are many AR and VR applications available that will help them to find out the answer to such questions. MeasARe that works as a digital ruler and measures the size of an object is a great example of AR implementation. RealAR app helps your client to see how the place will look after completion. There are so many similar apps available now that will help realtors to sell a property.

AR and VR could bring more money, if…

The technology is already transforming the real estate industry, however, realtors need to learn and understand the proper use and implementation. For instance, creation of 3D models of projected structures and the additional digital content along with animated simulation will eventually provide a satisfactory experience to the client and thus they will be more willing to invest in the property.

If you want to create an app for your client or need any help regarding implement of AR and VR technology, you can contact us.

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