Effective Date: January 1, 2020
Revised: February 1, 2021

We understand that your privacy matters the most & all the respective data that you share with us are significant for you. Our organisation respects the privacy of data and we ensure that all information received will be persevered accordingly.

In this page, you will get complete information about our policies. These guiding principles are relating to collection, usage & disclosure of personal data as you see our services and the choices you set forth with the associated data.

We make use of the respective data to improve & improvise the service. By using our service you are agreeing to our policies define in our “terms & conditions”

All the contents that are displayed on https://earnlytical.com/ are protected by copyright and related intellectual property laws. You will not be allowed to modify, distribute or repost any of our contents on the website.


Information is gathered through various ways on the internet, we use it for various purposes, which you will find below. Note that under any circumstances or conditions, Earnlytical will never save your Credit Card details or Bank Account details. We use secured AWS servers for data protection and we keep deleting and refreshing our database every week. We do not sell your data to any 3rd party service providers.


Earnlytical uses personalized custom chatbot to communicate with visitors on the website, and users may provide information about themselves and their project on it. The data is governed by Earnlytical’s privacy policy.


Cookies are used by Earnlytical to ensure the visitors get the top-notch experience every time they visit semidotinfotech.com. The purpose of cookies is to ensure that Earnlytical knows if the user has visited before, and to let Earnlytical serve them accordingly.


Forms are used to know more about the visitors that visit https://earnlytical.com/, they include personal information of the user and are completely governed by our privacy policy, we take care of all such data and a user can ask us about it, anytime they wish.


Users have the option to comment on their thoughts and feedback on blog posts, for this feature, the user might need to register with their email and name, for maximum reader viability. Users give us the right to use the data for the same when they submit it in the form.

Email Subscription

Earnlytical uses emails to keep their users informed about news and offers related to their business, they might also use it to send newsletters and blog post updates. Users can at any point in time, have the option of unsubscribing and email Earnlytical, if they want their data to be deleted.


The collected information is used in various ways to improve the business of Earnlytical and the data has no particular use for identifying users on a personal level, until they provide such information to Earnlytical, and consents to be contacted by Earnlytical.


1. Setting marketing goals

To setup marketing goals and formulate marketing strategies, Earnlytical reserves the right to use data of every visitor that visits their website. No personal identification can be made through this data, except for special marketing techniques applied to users, who share their personal information explicitly to Earnlytical.

2. For Analytics

This is mostly done to improve https://earnlytical.com/ for users, through analysis of a variety of data. Metrics like engagement, CTR, visitor’s location, etc. all come under analytics, and through these, we formulate our strategy to do better in terms of customer satisfaction and increasing our reach.

3. For communication and PR

Earnlytical might need data like E-mail address, names, location, Skype ID, to better their public relations and communication with the website visitors. The right to share such data remains with the visitors, they would in no way, be bound to use Earnlytical’s services or fill in data that they do not want to share.

4. To help serve users better

We use cookies and other data to ensure the website can serve its purpose to users faster and better. With the enablement of such technologies, we can ensure maximum ease of use and comfort of every visitor on https://earnlytical.com/.


We reserve the right to disclose your information to law authorities, whether local or international, in case they request an investigation and have a valid warrant. Please note that you cannot hold https://earnlytical.com/ liable for disclosing sensitive information in any such circumstances.


To ensure against unauthorized access of sensitive information, Earnlytical’s team takes necessary actions and has set up appropriate technical walls to keep users’ information secure. Our servers are encrypted, and we take every measure to make data storage and use secure, however, we still cannot guarantee 100% safety of data, and the users’ share it on their personal risk.


Users have the right to approach us at any time demanding details on the complete information we hold about them. Users can, at any time, place a request on the email mentioned below, if they want their data completely, or partially, deleted from our servers. Users can use the same option if they want an update to the data, we hold about them. In the case of emails, there will be an unsubscribe option then and there in the email. Please contact Earnlytical at info@earnlytical.com, for further queries.