5 Mobile Apps For All Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur and pursuing what you like is the best thing happening in recent times where so many young talents are breaking the 9 to 5 cycle to build innovative products and services. Though being an entrepreneur might sound like a fun and easy task to others but it does require some serious dedication, patience and effective utilization of time. After all being ones boss isn’t an easy affair and does require one to make each and every hour of the day productive. In today’s time all of us rely a lot on technology to make things happen, be it calling a cab from your mobile device within minutes or having groceries delivered to your doorstep, technology does makes things easier in our busy life. And since entrepreneurs lead a very busy life hence in order to help them make their time even more productive we have today listed down five productive mobile apps for our visionaries who are all set to redefine the meaning of running a successful business.


Being an entrepreneur means being up to date about the latest ongoing activities in the market, especially the market that you are into. But the internet is full of variety of articles, data and documents and all of it is in different places. So wouldn’t it be helpful to have all this information at one place? Well, the Pocket App is here to tackle this issue. Pocket is a bookmarking app in which you can save variety of content at one place and all this content is accessible to you even when offline. So put your hand in your pocket, take out your mobile and download this app today.


All the entrepreneurs can relate to the daunting task of printing, signing, scanning and re-sending multiple documents to business prospects on a daily basis. Well, to make this time consuming task productive we have the SignEasy App in which you can open the document which you want to send within the App and sign on it easily using your finger tip. Isn’t this an efficient manner to save time and also make the document reach its destination in a timely manner? Well, download and try out the App and let us know about your experience.


Now as an entrepreneur when you start making big bucks you need to create a budget for each month and also calculate your savings. But in a very busy lifestyle it gets difficult to resort to the old school methods of sitting down to create an excel sheet to analyze the expenditure and the profit. The Mint App makes this task easy for you by doing all these calculations on your mobile device. Life does get easy when all the monetary details which you need to know are at your finger tips.


We might sound a little biased out here but this App has to be our favourite one on the list. Venmo is a free money transfer app which allows you to transfer money from one person to another. It links automatically to your phone contacts and even to the contacts on your Facebook list making it very easy for you to just search and transfer money to anybody. What more? Unlike PayPal it has no limit to the amount of money which you can transfer and also there are no transfer charges involved. It goes without saying that this App is a must have for all entrepreneurs.

Pocket Analytics

Most of the entrepreneurs today depend on the power of E-commerce to run their business and to make it reach the masses. Under such situations it becomes extremely necessary to keep a close eye on your websites traffic and the sales and conversions happening through it. The Pocket Analytics data brings all this data easily to your phone so that you can analyze your sales and traffic data from third party analytics right from your phone. It allows you to read data through graphs and view the information you want to through a drag and drop feature.

Apart from having all these Apps in your mobile as an entrepreneur, you should realize the necessity of having a Mobile App for your business. So if you still don’t own one, contact Earnlytical today to build an awesome App for your business.

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