What We Do

We have a plethora of services for clients who wish to fulfill all their technology needs under one roof.

Fully Automated Websites For Passive Income.

Autopilot Websites are the easiest & best way to make money online or have long-term passive income. Our AI analytics, developers, designers, and software architects take special care in providing artificial intelligence development services to make websites more efficient and competent enough to perform human-like tasks. We do the hard work and you make money while you sleep.

1. Automated Amazon Affiliate Website.

2. Automated Crypto News Website.
3. Automated Travel Booking Website.
4. Automated Entertainment News Website.
5. Automated Financial News Website.
6. Automated Fitness News Website.
7. CBD Affiliate Website.
8. Automated Movie and TV show Streaming Website + App
9. Fully Functional Print On Demand Website.
10. Niche Based E commerce platform + App

We have just shared few ideas but we have 100 more strategies and niches to create automated platforms which will help you generate revenue. All mentioned websites comes with full set up, personalized branding, logo design, marketing strategies and tutorials. Contact us for more details.

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Metaverse Services

Metaverse is a combination of multiple elements of technology, including virtual reality, augmented reality and video where users "live" within a digital universe. Metaverse allows its users working, playing and staying connected with friends through everything from concerts , marriages and conferences to virtual trips around to the world. We build Metaverse for businesses and individuals using the next-gen technologies which includes AI, NFTs, AR & VR.

1. Metaverse Smart Token(MST) - We build Digital Assets or MSTs on the Metaverse virtual platform which are trust-free, traceable and decentralized smart properties that can be freely registered, transferred, issued, deposited, used as collateral or burnt.

2. Avatars (Digital Identity) - Self-sovereign identity ledgers on the Metaverse blockchain technology. Ability to securely manage personal data and credentials, which can be anonymously shared to third parties. Decentralized and independent digital identities in Web 3.0 initiative.

3. Metaverse Identifiable Token (MIT) - MIT are a set of token standards that involve the transfer, ownership, and information about a non-fungible item like artwork or baseball cards. They allow anyone to register assets from off-chain and are globally unique with an identifiable ID.

4. Virtual Offices - Virtual offices allow users to engage in a 3D space that mimics a real office environment. The idea is to allow workers to work from anywhere through a Virtual network.

5. Business Applications - We cannot forget that brick-and-mortar businesses can play their part in the Metaverse. Virtual environments that mimic their actual stores and offices offer one application. Another way we can use the Metaverse is to enhance the customers’ shopping experience. 3-D virtual shopping is an upgrade from what the Internet and online shopping venues offer today.

6. Real Estate Applications - If you have ever engaged in a virtual tour of a home, imagine the Metaverse version of 3D immersive, realistic virtual home tours. It would open up the world to people looking to live in other countries and a new market for real estate agents and brokers across the globe.

7. Virtual Training & Education - Virtual experiences have the power to engage and inspire students and trainings in a unique and powerful way. Using the headset and controllers, trainees look, speak, and move about freely in a 3D virtual setting, interacting with simulated real-world tools, machinery, and other. trainees and instructors.

We can also help you acquire a digital estate in Metaverse . We help you in acquiring the space develop any form of design like a museum, zoo or a skyscraper and later sell it off.

Software & Game Developments

Innovating the digital space for businesses to grow. We build simple software solutions for complex problems.
1. Client-Server Development - We specialize in developing dedicated applications for the client-server environment. These applications will distribute the task between these two roles, thus facilitating efficient coordination and cooperation within a premise.

2. Robust Database Development - We design and develop innovative database applications to boost administrative performance and other business processes.

3. Web Application Development - While developing web applications, we always try to balance user experience and aesthetics. We oversee complex projects, and that too with ease.

4. ERP - We develop futuristic Enter Price Resource Planning & Management systems which can help managers in planning, managing, and offering services and by integrating this software offers flexibility and support to the operations and other departments which includes Tracking Inventories , Supply Chain Insights, Enhanced Customer Service.

Earnlytical believes in developing games with attractive UI that highly engage your targeted customers. We develop games for two of the most widely used mobile platforms: Android OS and iOS. Moreover, we are a game development agency that explicitly focuses on your craziest game-changing ideas and bringing them to reality.

We claim to do the best for any game development project that we undertake throughout our multi-perspective approach. We have the most diverse team of game developers who help you bring your idea to life with interactive graphics and promising business returns. Developing 3D and 2D games Multiplayer games and Single Player games Mobile gaming app integration with popular APIs like social media APIs, payment APIs, etc. UI/ UX with best-in-class graphics. Multiple revisions after taking the app to production

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NFT Development.

Create a unique and distinguishable non-fungible token platform with Earnlytical. We are reliable, leading NFT marketplace development company. Join the most creative way of digital item exchange with us. We have talented graphics designers who can do a creative NFT art that you can sell as a collectible and don't worry we will guide you with the overall process.

1. NFT Art, Character & Collectables Design with Full Implementation. You can own digital assets and assign them to your name. The ownership of the asset is immutable using NFT

2. We provide Blockchain-enabled secured NFT marketplace development services for selling, trading, and exchanging NFT tokens.

3. Build an open marketplace with exchanges and order books. Users can sell, buy or trade crypto assets.

4. Software License Management - Manage the software license through NFT numbers. NFTs are authenticated by the owner of the software and also can be transferred.

5. Real Estate Tokenization - Take real estate space to the next level using NFT. Take the virtual ownership of the land and list it on the market to attract the audience.

6. Peer to Peer Exchange - NFT platform for establishing the reliable NFT community. You can trade a variety of NFTs with third-party wallet integration.

7. IPO - Launch your NFT business with a fundraising NFT platform. You can build an NFT poster with a QR code linked to Etherscan or Blockchain.

We have expertise in NFT token development services, where you get to earn royalties every time a token is sold. Opt your Non-Fungible Token Development with us and sell over any platform worldwide without any intermediate authority. We provide NFT development services for digital content such as art, music and videos, domain names, gaming items, investment, land acquisition, and other physical items which are unique.

Smart Marketing Solutions.

We serve up distinct strategies to ensure measurable results. All our expert marketing professionals are at your disposal to create your online presence and yield a powerful result with accurately executed strategies and solutions that center around your unique thoughts and ideas.
1. Social Media Optimization
2. Content Development
3. Pay-Per-Click(PPC)
4. Reputation Management
5. Mobile Marketing
6. Local Search Marketing
7. App Store Optimization (ASO)
8. Lead Generation
9. Advertising Management

We also have huge variety of Customer Support, Sales, or Back Office Processing functions. Our company deals with clients spread across different parts of the world and takes up projects on an outsourcing basis. An experienced team of professional people answers calls, emails or messages on behalf of your company. We provide the best solutions to minimize costs, increase sales, and maximize your business scalability.

Inbound Services
1. Customer Support Services
2. Invoicing Support Services
3. Deal Closing Support
Outbound Services
1. Telemarketing
2. Order Filling Solutions
3. Appointment Fixing

We cater to platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Telegram, LinkedIN, Pinetrest, Clubhouse, Spotify, Snapchat, Google Website, Likee, Reddit, IMDB, Dailymotion, Shazam, Tumblr, Vimeo, Shopee, Quora & Many more .

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Vecteezy Landing Page Of Social Media Marketing Communication In
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Start your business in the United States from anywhere

Incorporate your company and access the greatest startup ecosystem on the planet. Earnlytical is your organization’s first step. Starting a company is a struggle. Lots of paperwork. Outdated software. Government headaches. The Earnlytical platform is built to fix all of that.

1. Submit a simple application with details about your business - The first step is to decide in which state you want your business to incorporate in. Next, the legal entity type within that state. There are benefits to each choice and we've laid out some information below to help you decide. The most common option is an LLC incorporated in Delaware.

2. Sign some forms and we take care of everything - Once we receive your application, we start the process by submitting your forms to the relevant state and federal agencies. We'll follow up with you and track the progress daily to ensure you get your application processed as fast as possible. Depending on how quickly the state agencies process the registration, you should receive your paperwork back in as little as a week.

(a) Form 8821 - Signing this form authorizes our dedicated team of EIN (Employee Identification Number) specialists to get updates on your EIN status and retrieve your EIN letter.

(b) Form SS-4 - The Application for Employer Identification Number (SS-4) is the IRS form that we use to apply for an EIN for your new company.

3. Get your bank account for your newly formed company - We've got you covered. Our full integration with digital banking partners makes the application process completely automated so you won't have to worry about anything. Not even physically being present in the US.

4. Get your EIN and all the legal documents you need - The Employer Identification Number (EIN) identifies the company to complete its federal filings, and to open bank accounts. We function as an authorized third party to offer expedited EIN services to customers. You don’t need to be a US resident to get your EIN. No SSN or ITIN is required.

5. All business operations documents ready to go - We prepare a set of essential legal documents after incorporation. Post-Incorporation documents provide clear and necessary information about company owners, operations, and other vital details about the company once incorporation has been completed. All of the documents will be prepared with standard terms used by top startups.
(a) Operating Agreement
(b) Certificate of Secretary
(c) Indemnification Agreement for Shareholder
(d) Stock Purchase Agreement
(e) Stockholder Approval of Indemnification Agreement
(f) Action by Written Consent of Incorporator
(g) Technology Assignment Agreement
(h) Corporate Bylaws
(I) Initial Organizational Resolutions of the Board of Directors
(j) Common Stock Certificate

6. Manage and grow your business with Earnlytical -
Manage company compliance and growth.

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De-Fi & Blockchain Development Services

We bring revolution and innovation in cryptocurrency trading by deploying the next-gen cryptocurrency exchanges with uptrend features and high-tech security. We build cryptocurrency exchanges with fine-tuned trading functionalities by neglecting the risk-causing elements through clear-cut bug fixing. The master-level expertise in crypto exchange development lets our developers code powerful and fast-performing crypto exchange software with infinite features. We experiment with our ability and skills in deploying all kinds of trading modules in our crypto exchange applications. Hence, DEX, P2P, Escrow, spot, and features trading will be the top priority features of our trading software.

1. Bitcoin Escrow Script
2. P2P Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Exchange
3. Decentralized Exchange Script
4. Hybrid Crypto Exchange Software Development Company
5. White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company
6. White Label Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

We have extensive experience and provide end-to-end Blockchain development services, from concept to design and coding to launch. We take pride in delivering end-to-end blockchain development services to the world's leading enterprises, smaller businesses, and innovative startups. Stay ahead of the competition by utilizing the blockchain development services listed below.

1. Private Blockchain Development
2. Public Blockchain Development
3. Hybrid Blockchain Development
4. Hyperledger Blockchain Development
5. Smart Contract Development
6. Blockchain Game Development for Passive Income
7. Blockchain Solution for Industries.
8. Blockchain Scripts for Solana, Polygon, Polkadot, Cardano, Etherum , Tron, Etc.

Our core tech team works to make a global change in carrying out financial operations by adding transparency, trusted payments, security, in our proficient DeFi Development Services.

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