IGO Launchpad Development – Create a Cumulative Launchpad To Explore Next Gen Blockchain Games

Initial Game Offerings (IGO) Launchpad Development

Initial Game Offerings Launchpad Development is a process of creating a crowdsale blockchain gaming environment that includes gaming assets like mystery boxes, weapons, skins, characters, etc. With IGO Launchpad Development Company the individuals can launch their own gaming launchpads like Binance NFT, BSCPad, TrustSwap, EnjinStarter. 

Earblytical – A IGO Launchpad Development Company, is expertise in creating launchpads for blockchain games. Several development stages are undergone to deliver outstanding IGO launchpads for the clients across the globe. 

Features Of IGO Launchpad

Automated Liquidity
Instant liquidity is required to handle gaming launchpads. So a automated liquidity pool is integrated to offer limitless liquidity to IGO launchpads.

Cross-chain Swap
Offers interoperability across blockchains and the ability to make cross-chain transfers across multiple blockchains. 

Optimization of the platform offers great feasibility for the users to operate it. 

KYC Prevents scams and authorised users, by protecting the privacy of user. 

Earns trust of the users by making it completely transparent for them. The source is available openly for the users so that it can be verified.

IGO Gaming launchpads are made up compatible so that it works well with all blockchains. 

Industry Leading Crypto Game  IGO Launchpads 

  1. (SFUND)
  2. GameFi (GAFI)
  3. Gamestarter (GAME)
  4. Enjinstarter (ENJINSTARTER)

IGO Launchpad Clone Solutions We Offer

GameFi Clone
Main objective of our GameFi clone script enables you to launch a gaming launchpad at a stretch. With a Gamefi Clone a variety of gaming operations can be performed like staking, yield farming, and so on.  

SeediFy Clone
Seedify clone creates a fundraising launchpad which is developed with the intent of creating successful blockchain projects. 

GameStarter Clone
With GameStarter Clone a full scalable gaming ecosystem can be created to deploy blockchain based gaming projects. 

Binance Launchpad Clone
Binance launchpad clone offers an exclusive solution to launch a new token for raising funds in the crypto ecosystem. 

EnjinStarter Clone
EnjinStarter Clone develops a cross-chain compatible launchpad by hitting a variety of  successful scalable gaming platforms.

What Is an IGO (Initial Game Offer)?

IGO launchpads are the newest trend in the cryptocurrency market, and they work on the same principle as an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The only difference is that IGOs host gaming projects in which NFTs or tokens are used as in-game cash and prizes.

Investors can put their money into IGO launchpads’ gaming initiatives and expect a big return after the project is listed on major crypto exchanges or achieves traction in the growing gaming community.

IGOs are the next big thing in the crypto space, thanks to the rise of blockchain gaming. 

The Initial Game Offerings (IGO) is a collection of NFT assets from top-tier gaming projects that are only offered on Binance NFT. Auctions, fixed price auctions, and mystery boxes are all options for launching assets.

All drop material will be in-game assets such as early-access passes, weapons and gear, custom Binance aesthetics and skins, and much more!

Benefits  of IGO Launchpad Development

Fundraising in Initial Game Offerings (IGO) Development Services is popular among mobile game developers for a variety of reasons. Game creators can use an Initial Game Offerings to acquire funding without relying on publishers or venture investors. 

Some of it’s primary advantages are listed below.

Quick funding

An IGO can offer all the money you need in a short period of time if you have a good pitch and a large enough social media following, and without the strings that venture capitalists may have.

Controlling your game
An IGO gives you 100 percent ownership of the company’s equity, allowing you to make all development choices.

Future game funding
IGO allows you to seek funding for numerous projects at once because it’s far easier to raise money in small increments while you’re still growing an audience. 

An IGO funding can also prepare the way for more effective use of the Initial Public Offering prospectus, which allows companies to list on public stock markets through the Initial Public Offering procedure.

Workflow Of Initial Game Offering (IGO) Launchpads

Motive of developing IGO launchpad is to launch a blockchain game for raising the capital funds. Participants of the IGO Launchpads gets quick access of the gaming assets at the initial stage of development process. Assets offered by the IGO are  mystery boxes, characters, skins, accessories, weapons, etc,.. 

At present many IGO launchpads are available that includes Binance NFT, BSCPad, TrustSwap, and so on. Each and every launchpad has their own setup process. A native token is required to purchase a launchpad platform if a user wants to participate in it. 

For example, In Binance NFT, an investor must hold a BNB token in their Binance wallet so that they can be eligible to participate. Once a required token is acquired then the participants can lock it in the pool for a particular period of time. As per the algorithm, an NFT is received based on the number of locked tokens. 

Then according to the subscription mechanism rewards are offered for the winners. In some cases a participant must hold or stake a purchased gaming token before they trade it. 

CheckList To Evaluate A Good IGO Launchpad

  • Launchpad Holding Requirements or Tiers
  • Allocation Type
  • Holder Benefits
  • Platform ROI
  • Funds Raised and Number of Token Generation Events
  • Check the number of token generation event 
  • Notable Gaming IGO’s

Why Choose Earnlytical for Initial Game Offerings Launchpad Development?

Initial Game Offerings Development creates a gaming launchpad environment for the gamers who participate in purchasing gaming assets. Business can be setup by developing launchpads for games. A huge investment can be enforced in it by providing rewards for gamers through creating a creative project by raising funds and for investors who likes to invest in IGO launchpads. 

We help you to create some of the popular IGO launchpads like Gamefi, Gamestarter, Seedify, etc. We are one of the top notch Blockchain Development Company who support clients across the globe. One who wishes to create a IGO launchpad can talk about their requirements with our experts. Enquire more with our team and get a consultation. 

NFT explained

What are Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs)? – Everything You Need To Know

What Does DeFi Mean?

To your wonder, for the past couple of years, DeFi is captivating the blockchain era, and we have witnessed this growth once after the rise of numerous new cryptocurrencies in the marketplace. Well, it’s true, DeFi is meant to offer solutions for high demanded fintech industries by bringing it in a network that operates in a decentralized fashion.  Everything moving in DeFi (ie, exchanges & transactions) is really fast by further enhancing the network on a large scale. On another point of view, “Mass adoption” happens as people started accepting Decentralized finance projects/platforms, as it is making the DeFi user’s work simple in an effortless way.  DeFi matters a lot to the majority of the population in 2021, as people are getting adopted to a scalable platform that operates in online without the necessity of a central network. As DeFi promises to perfectly carry out the transactions on a massive scale, many DeFi projects are developed & introduced.  Some of them are PancakeSwap, UniSwap, SafeMoon, BakerySwap, etc,… In this article, we are going to explore one of the new concepts called “NFT” in DeFi. Let us get started! 

What are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)? 

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) is a popular digital asset that comes with a combination of real-world objects like collectibles, games, music, art, videos & more. This NFT can be brought in online and that too frequently with cryptocurrencies. Blockchain carries out the above entire operation as there is an increase in popularity & demand have raised in exchanging NFTs in the marketplace. The non-crypto audience is benefitted on a huge scale as NFTs is taking the digital world by storm. It is creating a big opportunity as this unique digital asset (NFTs) is developed on top of the Ethereum network. Buying and selling of NFTs are processed by smart contracts in this Ethereum blockchain network. 

How NFTs Differs from Cryptocurrency?

Certain characteristics of Non-fungible tokens make them distinct from other popular cryptocurrencies. Even though NFTs are programmed and coded like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc,.. NFTs are different. It has its own unique value and couldn’t be exchanged for any other cryptocurrency. The value of the NFTs also does not equals with any other, which means it is extremely unique and could be used for some specific purposes. 

Fungible Tokens Vs Non-Fungible Tokens

Let’s sort out the major difference between fungible and non-fungible tokens in brief.  

  • Fungible tokens are extremely interoperable and exchangeable as it can be exchanged with any other cryptocurrencies, whereas Non-fungible tokens are unique and couldn’t be exchanged easily like the above. 
  • Fungible tokens are divisible whereas Non-fungible tokens are non-divisible. It means fungible tokens can be divided into smaller units and the token value remains to be same, on the other hand, NFTs are extremely opposite to it.
  • Fungible tokens are same whereas Non-fungible tokens are different. Here, each and every token in fungible are different and comes under the same type, in NFT, each NFTs are identical and unique. 

NFTs & DeFi – Is It A Good Combination?

Many of us would haven’t heard this term. NFTs are called as a cryptographic token and it is not like the other traditional asset. These non-fungible tokens have it’s own set of unique value and it represents collectibles like digital art, or other digital items like music, games & more,…It is rare and it is most secured stored by following the cryptographic security policy.  It operates on the blockchain-based network and that too mostly on the Ethereum blockchain. That’s how NFT’s are combined with DeFi, as NFT comes under the major DeFi project popularly defined as a decentralized exchange platform development for exchanging NFTs. In this DeFi platform, real-world assets like NFTs are easily exchanged in a decentralized blockchain network. Thus, DeFi & NFTs work splendidly together. 

General Characteristics Of NFTs

Unique NFTs are unique and much distinct from one another. No two tokens in NFTs appear to look the same. This unique characteristic creates a center of attraction among many NFT users. Limited supply A token holder cannot have a stream of NFTs that holds the same value proposition.  Indivisible NFTs cannot be splitted into multiple units like bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies. This destroys it’s value proportion if it is splitted. Specific use It has some key characteristics and it is limited for certain usage only. One cannot use NFTs as per their needs/requirements. Verifiable scarcity Blockchain verifies the NFT holders and how many NFTs are left over for purchasing. 

How Do NFTs Work?

Working principle of NFT is so simple. It functions on the blockchain network, especially on Ethereum network. Popularly these Non-fungible tokens are stored on Ethereum blockchain for processing activities like buying, selling, making of NFTs.  NFT has only one token owner who holds a unique digital asset, thus the owner can be easily verified. Also, at a single point in time, NFT can be owned by a single owner. Here the owner of NFT can store specific information and can digitally sign in NFTs metadata. Majorly NFT is created for digital objects like 

  • Art
  • Music
  • GIFs
  • Video games 
  • Videos and sports highlights
  • Collectibles
  • Designer sneakers

How To Buy/ Sell /Make NFTs?

Buy NFT Before purchasing an NFT ensure that you own a digital wallet for storing it. A gas fee is also imposed for completing the transaction in a successful way. Sell NFT Initially upload your content on a digital platform before you start your selling. Give a description for your content and specify a price for it. Commonly NFTs are bought using ERC-20 tokens like WAX & Flow. Any other users trade it by using ERC-20 tokens for buying your NFTs. Make NFTs It is possible for everyone to create an NFT. For making your NFT marketplace into functionable you need 3 things, (ie) Ethereum tokens, wallet to store, establish a connection to your marketplace.  

What Are NFTs Used For?

Let us talk about the real-time application and usage of NFTs. In our life, we may face problems, “less opportunity to show our talents”. Isn’t it? To solve these issues, especially for (digital artists), NFT is a solution provider. Using the NFT marketplace one can sell their art by does not relying on digital galleries to expose their artistic framework. Here, a price range is fixed by the seller of NFT while selling their digital asset in a decentralized platform. 

I’m happy to list out the popular non-fungible token use case. First, the most familiar use case of NFT is “Crypto Kitties”. Apart from crypto kitties, there are multiple use-cases in NFT for different purposes like voting & elections, loyalty programs, art, real-world assets, virtual assets, copyright, supply chain tracking, medical data, and more. Digital platform users can make use of this opportunity for exhibiting their talents. 

Below listed NFT marketplace empowers your business in real-time, thus fixing major problems faced while selling a digital asset.

  • Opensea
  • Rarible
  • Super Rare
  • Foundation
  • Superfarm
  • Enjin
  • Ethernity

Earnlytical – Non-Fungible Token Development Company

We are happy to offer solutions from our NFT Services development company to every one of you. Our experts support you by offering complete technical support for building your highly secured Non-fungible tokens which follow the strong NFT development criteria. Also, We assist you to build other decentralized exchange platforms for making an expansion in your business. Feel free to connect with our crew!”A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Wish”Start Your Business with Us!